Reasons for choosing profile heat sinks

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A profile radiator is a heating radiator that uses welding technology to combine heat dissipation pipes (low-carbon steel) with heat dissipation wings (aluminum profiles), also known as radiators. It adopts an automatic spiral expansion process, with no gaps in the expansion tube. The surface adopts a new electrostatic spraying process, which is cured at a high temperature of 180 degrees. After several 100% airtightness pressure tests, the working pressure is 1.5mpa. The product can be made into various specifications of different models and is widely used in public buildings such as residential communities, villas, dormitories, factory rooms, hotels, and office buildings.
1. Good heat dissipation effect. The biggest feature of profile radiators is that their heat dissipation efficiency is improved by 30% compared to traditional cast iron radiators.
2. The quality is very stable. The quality of profile radiators is much more stable than traditional cast iron radiators.
The cost-effectiveness of profile radiators is unparalleled, and there are many varieties, styles, and colors of profile radiators that can match any indoor decoration style.
If there are common angles, arcs, bamboo stools, and bathhouse common shapes and over 200 colors. And the profile radiator adopts electrophoretic paint and spray coating, which has the characteristics of lubrication, no edges, collision prevention, and no purification. Plus full performance. Profile radiators can have many additional properties, such as being able to be used as screens, guardrails, seats, and step handrails in buildings.
3. Diverse shapes and multiple colors to choose from.
4. Good thermal performance, can achieve high convective heat dissipation, and has the highest thermal comfort.
5. The heat dissipation speed is fast in a short period of time, and the heat dissipation effect is obvious.
6. Lightweight and highly pressure bearing, it can be used for high-rise or super high-rise buildings, and can be matched with various types of house decoration without the need for secondary decoration.
7. Low production cost, stable product quality, and moderate price.