A brief introduction to the production process of aluminum profile radiators

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1、 In the process of mold trial or production, if the mold is found to be blocked, tooth deviation, and the speed deviation is too large, the machine should be stopped immediately, and the mold should be unloaded in the way of point withdrawal to avoid scrapping the mold.
2、 During the trial molding or production process, the discharge port must be unobstructed, and the looseness of the cushion or fixture should be reasonably controlled according to the discharge situation. Always observe and detect any abnormal situations, promptly handle them, and immediately shut down when necessary.
3、 During the straightening process, it is necessary to carefully check the changes before and after, operate in a standardized manner, apply moderate force, and strictly ensure product quality.
4、 Reasonably determine the length according to the requirements of the production plan. When sawing, the sawtooth feeding speed should not be too fast to avoid damaging the end. The end must be clamped straight to remove burrs and burrs.
5、 The basket should be packed in a standardized manner, including the placement of cushion strips to avoid damaging the profiles.
6、 The aging temperature of the profile is controlled at 190 ± 5 ℃, with insulation for 2.54 hours. After being discharged from the furnace, it is air-cooled.