Which is better, aluminum profile radiator or copper radiator?

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Everyone knows that the thermal conductivity system of copper is much higher than that of aluminum, so some people believe that copper made radiators are definitely better than aluminum. However, the heat dissipation ability of a radiator is not only related to the thermal conductivity of the material, but also to the heat dissipation area, shape of the radiator, air flow, and other conditions.
Although the thermal conductivity of copper is higher than that of aluminum, and the transfer resistance of heat from the heat source to the environment is smaller, its heat capacity is larger under the same volume, and the temperature rise is slower. As a result, the temperature gradient is smaller, and the overall heat transfer ability may not be much better than that of aluminum.
We should know that in high-power equipment such as frequency converters, inverters, welding machines, SVG, APF, energy storage systems, etc., when selecting heat sinks, multiple factors must be considered, such as cost, processing, cost-effectiveness, etc. The price of pure copper is too high, and processing is also difficult, so the cost-effectiveness is low, which means it cannot become mainstream. Therefore, aluminum profile heat sinks are the cooling choice for these equipment.